Teen drivers are out cruising enjoying the summer, but they need to be cautious.

In a recent study by Wallethub.com, New Hampshire ranks as one of the worst states for teen drivers. One of the reasons is the cost of adding a teen driver to your insurance policy.

The pain I have recently felt adding my son Tristan to my policy.  Ouch! It's $185.00 dollars a month and that's just basic stuff.

According to wallethub.com, one of the main issues is the state’s ranking of 29th in teen driver fatalities.

That is unacceptable.

We have to be tough about telling our kids to not text and drive.  I can’t tell you how happy it made me feel when I sent my son a text the other day and got back an automatic notification that he could not answer because he was driving.

Other factors that went into the rankings in the wallethub report were the number of DUIs for the teen population, quality of roads and miles traveled per capita.

Let’s all stay safe on the roads this summer.  Take the time to have a discussion with your teen driver, you may save a life.

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