It takes a lot of effort for The Granite State to compete with Florida for 'Stupid News' stories, but this anti-clever alleged Fentanyl hiding spot for a Canaan man?

This is in a league of it's own.

'License and Registration Please'

Even if you CAN drive 55, you know the four words above that all motorists dread hearing. It is the first thing that is requested from you when you're pulled over.

So where would the WORST place be to hide multiple baggies of opioids?

A Canaan man who still remains unidentified (probably because the ID is so grody) was accused of having, not one, but two bags of either Fentanyl or Heroin hidden inside his identification, according to a Facebook post by the Canaan Police Department. He was arrested.

I wonder if the suspect thought this was the PERFECT hiding spot because nobody would dare search such a gross looking, dilapidated mass of grungy plastic film.

Thankfully, the arresting officer was very thorough and now the streets of Canaan will be rid of these potentially deadly drugs.

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