Yesterday, while getting my car inspected, the battery in my phone was at 5%, so I decided to look around and actually PICK UP A BOOK!  Although I wasn't in the bathroom, Bay Auto (thanks, Dennis) had a copy of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, so I picked it up.  LO and behold, I found it to be very interesting!

The book is a little dated.  Came out in 2011, but still, I liked the content!  They compiled this list of what each state has the most of.  I'm not sure I believe them all.

New Hampshire: In 2011, had the lowest percentage of people living in poverty and the most skin cancer rates for women.  (oh boy....)

Maine:  Had the youngest median age and per capita, had the highest rate of asthma.  (which is weird, cuz the air is lovely in Maine!!)

Massachusetts:  Had the most adults with college degrees and spends the most on government health care.


I love actual BOOKS and this has inspired me to create a new library of them... in my bathroom!

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