Good Morning America did a report this morning on the affects of Fortnight, a very popular video game that many, many kids play.

The report states that a 10 year old boy spent a lot of time with the game.  So much so that his parents were concerned enough to take him for tests.  He was to the point where he didn't want to go out and socialize with friends or really do anything else.  The tests the doctors put him through showed that when he played the game, parts of his brain lit up, the part associated with addition, suggesting that he loved playing.

There is much to be learned about video game addiction, but as a Mother who is very afraid that her own son may be addicted to games and the computer, I am paying close attention to this.  Not an excuse, by any means, but when it was just my son and I, when he played video games I knew where he was and I knew that he was safe.  Looking back, I have so much guilt about it.

It's a scary time we live in.  Makes me yearn for nothing to do but go outside and play with the neighborhood kids!  Or, in my case.... just me and the great outdoors.  I came home when I got hungry and I always got hungry.

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