If you lived in NH in 1990, you remember the non-stop coverage of the trial of Pamela Smart.   The ID Network just showed a documentary, calling attention yet again to that famous case of "the Black Widow," or "The Ice Princess," whichever you prefer.

I was working at a law office at the time and we occasionally had to go to the Rockingham County Courthouse in Exeter, which is now something else.... a Occupational Therapy business, I think.  Anyway, you couldn't get anywhere NEAR the place!  Every media outlet from here to Boston was in Exeter trying to get a glimpse of the young para-professional from Derry who worked at Winnicunnet High School in Hampton, accused of killing her husband, Greg Smart.

The story was just riveting!  Never before did little Derry, NH have such a case like this!  Even though Pamela was not a "teacher," the kids at Winnicunnet High saw her as such.  To find out that she was having an affair with a 15 year old student was just disgusting.  NO ONE was on her side.  She was definitely seen as the villain, but maybe not anymore.

According to a story in the Boston Herald, there's a petition for Governor Sununu to re-open the case.  There are some who think she is actually telling the truth about what happened to her husband, Greg, but I'm not one of them.  I think she absolutely knew what was going on.  Do I think she should be in prison until 9999?  No.  The boys (now men) who actually pulled the trigger are out of prison.  It might be time for her to get out too?  Or, is she just the world's biggest liar and she has me convinced too?


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