This is a true indicator that (despite my car thermometer reading THIRTY this morning) Spring is officially here in the Granite State.

Apparently all the icebergs, penguins and polar bears have vacated Lake Winnipesaukee for another year (more like 90 days) and according to WMUR-TV, the M/S Mount Washington is back and will be cruising again beginning on Mother's Day.

I have added WMUR's 2017 report of this annual event featuring Jess Moran because it continues to be one of the most successful pieces of content that I have ever produced in my 5 year career as a 'digital contributor'.

Entitled 'Jess Moran Works For WMUR?', it has garnered so many unique views that a team of media analysts from our corporate headquarters launched several think tanks to try to determine how this post became a local media phenomenon.

After 2 years of refusing to 'Give them a sequel', I finally decided that the time had come to entertain the masses as only this announcement can.

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