Yesterday, I went to visit a friend of mine, Sophie at the ReStore in Newington and she told me that someone came in the other day and offered her $45.00 for the bottle of hand sanitizer that she had sitting on the front desk.  Forty. Five. Dollars.

If you go to the store and you can't find any Purell to save your life, just follow the directions in this YouTube video.  There are tons of them out there, but I particularly like this one because the woman in it kinda reminds me of me on Saturdays and Sundays.  Hair up, not much makeup.... glasses, sweatshirt, etc.  Here she is:

I'm thinking that if things are as bad as they seem to be with this recent virus, aren't the ingredients for the home-made sanitizer going to be soon sold out too?  What if people actually start using Vodka to make the stuff?  What a waste!

As I like to say from time to time, "This too shall pass."  Or, we will.  Either way, it will be in the rear view mirror sometime sooner than later, I suspect.

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