Have you figured out which vaccine phase you are in? Do you know how many Granite Staters have received their second doses already?

Coronavirus vaccine vial in hospital

The task of vaccinating a population of a million plus people here in NH will not be without it's speed bumps and delays.

According to the latest CDC data that I could find, New Hampshire has still only vaccinated about 4.6% of it's population.

Things however have recently changed and January 26th will hopefully be a watershed moment for exponential numbers of NH residents, Age 65 and Older, to be vaccinated in large numbers.

Friday at 8AM they will start to schedule appointments. Please check out vaccines.nh.gov for any and all information.

I actually screened myself on their 'Vaccine Phase Check' and was categorized as a 3A!

I'm hoping that by my regularly scheduled Doctor's appointment in late May, my newly discovered 3A status will be the determining factor in me getting vaccinated.

Are you aware that thousands of Americans have already been FULLY immunized against COVID-19?

Sadly, this is one of the categories that New Hampshire is lagging in.

According to this recent NBC News Statistical Map, New Hampshire has had only .4% of it's current population FULLY vaccinated.

West Virginia and South Dakota are leading the way in that category with in excess of 1% of their populations fully immunized.

Since West Virginia has around 300,000 more people than we do, I'm curious as to what method they are employing to get that many more shots into the arms of their residents.

Hopefully on January 26th we will finally see a gigantic boost in New Hampshire's total vaccinations administered.

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