Feeling a little foggy in the brain lately?  Or maybe feeling a little flu-like?  This week, we have the Vernal Equinox, Mercury is in Retrograde, the Full Moon AND there are some solar flares are.... flaring up.  Astrology Ann will make you feel better though.  Check this out:

I'll tell ya, the affects of the full moon stuff is for realsies.  No, really.  It's science!  The sun and moon's gravity is a key player in many things in our lives, including the gravitational pull on the earth, making ocean tides (and moods) more dramatic, according to an article in Bustle and many other sources.  Who can deny that, I ask you?  It's science!  So, it only makes sense to me that it would affect everything in our lives.

I am usually a ray of Sunshine, but I tell ya, I am not feeling it lately and there is nothing wrong with my life.  I have a great job, great friends and family, so I've got nothing to be upset about, but man oh man, I just feel on edge, so I am very happy to know that it might just be because of the moon, sun, stars and the gravitational pull of the Earth.  I can't do a thing about that but enjoy the ride!!

Thank you, Astrology Ann!  If you would like to talk to Ann more about her work, reach out!  She knows a LOT about me.  We've been friends since Jr. High.... oh boy.   https://www.annmbordeleau.com

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