Whoa!  I have to tell Train about this!  He's such a star-gazer!

According to a report from WMUR, there will be meteor showers in the long dark month of December.  Also, you'll be able to see Jupiter and Saturn very close to one another.  So close, in fact, that you can see them both through a telescope in the same view!  That hasn't happened since 1623!  The report says that's called, The "Great conjunction," and it will take place on December 21.

True that December is usually very cold and dark.  This month, we are getting some reprieve from the cold temps, but it is still very dark.  Gone are the days of full sunlight at 4:23 pm.  (the current time)  The good news is, the days start to get slightly longer after December 21, 2020, the Winter Solstice.

December 21st is the birthday of my friend's ex-husband.  We'll call her Rachel for now.  Rachel goes out to celebrate every December 21st, but not because she wants to celebrate her ex-husband's birthday, but because it is the shortest day and she gets to tell her joke to anyone who will listen. Ready?  Here it is:  "My ex-husband was born on December 21st, the shortest day of the year.  Even GOD said, let's just get this day over with!"  Oh.... c'mon now, that's not pretty.  It's kinda funny though, I have to admit.

So, star gazers, dust off your telescopes and point them toward the sky!  There is a lot to be seen in our cold, dark night skies.  January, from my experience peering up at the sky in the middle of the night, will be even better!

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