And by 'Southern' I mean Massachusetts. The folks at Zippia have put together a survey map of the favorite sandwiches of all US States and I can't help wonder how else this Granite State selection could have happened.

Zippia Map


Sure enough, if I'm riding along Route One on a late weekend night and I'm NOT the designated driver, the sweet, satisfying and circular roast beef sandwich that you can only get in the magical land of 102-1 is out of this world.

But it's just not a traditional, inherently NH sandwich.

For those of you that may not be able to read that microscopic font, (my fault),  The Bay State actually selected 'The Fluffernutter' as it's favorite.

'Fluff' is the original spreadable marshmallow creme that was invented in Somerville and perfected in Lynn where they still make it today.

I salute Massachusetts for this genuine and prideful selection.

The first sandwich I thought of when I read the Zippia headline was The Lobster Roll, but alas, that is Maine's Favorite Sandwich and they are certainly more well known for their lobsters than we are. (Even though I think ours are better.)

Homemade Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

I suppose since we really don't have our own signature sandwich, I elect the Thanksgiving sandwich that you see in the image above.

Thanksgiving started in New England and since nobody else chose this heavenly combo of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. I want it to be New Hampshire's favorite!

We are rapidly approaching the season in which I devour about 50 of these sandwiches in a week, so, my 'VOTE' goes to the invention above!

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