Trick or treat is going to look very different this year.

Springfield, Mass is putting a "no go" on door to door trick or treating this year, according to a story from WCVB.  The story reports that they are also going to advise against parties and haunted houses, even if they are outdoors.  People can, however, have DRIVE BY trick or treating, which I don't understand at at..

Drive by trick or treating?  What, we are going to throw the candy to kids through their car windows?  What if it hits them in the eye?  That's not a great idea.  Maybe we should just bag up a few goodies and leave them outside for the kids to collect, but isn't that the same thing as door to door?  So many questions.

The report states that officials are encouraging people to have online costume parties instead.

Online costume parties don't seem great to me either.  It could be because I had to a) dress up in something that I found around the house because my Mother couldn't afford a real costume nor was she handy and b) I had to get in the freezing cold car and go freeze my butt off while ringing the doorbell of complete and total strangers.  Many houses got great joy out of scaring the kids that came to their house and I hate them for that to this day.  So maybe I'm a little jealous of the way things might work out this year for the kids.  Maybe they'll like it so much that it will be the normal way to do things for years and years to come.  Our grand-children will look at us and say, "You had to LEAVE THE HOUSE TO GET CANDY?!"  Yes, sweet child, we did.

OH!  2020.  I am over you.

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