The plug has been pulled less than a month from the 3rd of July when the show was to go on.

Fireworks Display
Oleksii Sagitov

The fireworks show was to be held at the Rochester Fairgrounds on July 3rd. The city of Rochester was to pay for the display at the cost of $20,000.

However, according to a report at, the show will not go on.

City Manager Dan Fitzpatrick said Tuesday he and other city staff “don’t feel comfortable” the fireworks could be pulled off in an efficient and effective way due to developments since the Rochester Fair’s board announced on May 5 that there would be no fair this fall.

Those developments include allegations by fair stockholders that the board is withholding information from them, a number of instances of vandalism at the fairgrounds, and the fairgrounds’ uncertain future.

“Everything in the paper has made me feel uneasy,” said Fitzpatrick.

The Rochester City Council had voted the necessary funds to negotiate with Central Maine Pyrotechnics to produce the display.

The last fireworks display in Rochester was in 2014.

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