Wow.  This might be the worst news ever.

The Holy Donut DOES still have another location in Portland and one in Scarborough just off of 95. The post says that the other Portland location will remain open, thank goodness.  I am thinking the real estate prices for downtown Portland is just too much, maybe?

I'm not sure how much rent is for a commercial property on Commercial Street in the Old Port, but I'm gonna guess around...... $25,000 per month? -ish.  That's a LOT of donuts.   At about $3.40 per donut, they would have to sell 7,350 donuts just to pay the rent.  That doesn't include salaries, ingredients, insurance, etc., etc.

Another reason, I'm sure is because there are no cruise ships coming in to the Old Port.  Thousands of people flooded the streets of the Old Port when those things came to harbor.  To not have them running this year has gotta hurt.

2020 is not going to take away those delicious potato donuts, no matter how hard it tries.  They still have other locations, thank goodness!

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