His name is 'Pharaoh The Peacock' and he is causing quite a sensation along Route 4 in Northwood with a daring escape that has enthralled the public. He even has his own social media group page!

Much like the many residents along Route 4 who have seen him up close and personal, I'd like to see Pharaoh find his way home safely, so, I did a little research to calm my nerves.

Pharaoh is a male peafowl, so the correct name for him is peacock as female peafowl are called peahens.

Males have that exotic and striking fan tail that you think of when you envision the mascot of NBC, while the peahens are more drab.

Their natural habitat is warm and tropical but can safely live outdoors if the temperatures stay above freezing. The heatwave that we're about to experience this weekend is a good turn of events for our runaway hero.

As far as their appetite, peacocks will primarily eat seeds, fruits and insects. I'm hoping, a bit selfishly, that they enjoy ticks because that would be a serious win win for both humans and fowl alike.

Peacocks do not run particularly fast and only have a top speed of about 10 miles an hour. They can fly however and like to perch on rooftops from time to time.

Pharaoh has been spotted in his native Northwood and several sightings have occurred along Garland Road in nearby Nottingham.

Male peacocks have been known to be aggressive so, if you see 'Pharaoh', the best thing to do is email the owners at pharaohpeacock@gmail.com or call 603-608-5444.

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