According to US News, the number of homeless people is dropping here in New Hampshire, even though 4 out of the 10 counties saw increases in recent years.

The NH Coalition to End Homelessness gets state and federal data for its annual report that shows the overall number of people experiencing homelessness decreased by 5%.

The report also includes data about difficulty finding affordable housing.

Rents have increased by more than 7% from 2017 to 2019, with vacancy rates staying pretty much the same, decreasing on by less than 1%.

The State budget, passed in October, included some of the most significant investments in housing and homeless services in a decade.

I can't imagine being homeless, especially if I had children with me.

I remember a good friend of mine who had three kids suddenly found herself on the street.  She had lost her job due to illness and had no where to go after the landlord served her eviction papers.

She didn't have family around here and was scared, without a place to go.

I was able to direct her to services here in the Granite State and she was not only able to find temporary, emergency shelter, they helped her with medical bills and another place to live for her and her kids.

Another reason why I love NH!

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