That is NOT a painting. It's a stunning screenshot from 'Dave In NH'.

His latest drone video features a haunting sunrise and raging surf from September 7th as Hurricane Dorian passed far to our east.

I've been to this area dozens of times and cannot recall the surf ever looking this angry.

From looking at the timeline and NOAA maps, thankfully, the eye of Dorian never got within hundreds of miles of our shore, yet the evidence of it's power can STILL be seen in this video.

What really impresses me is how smooth this footage is. The wind gusts had to be in excess of 20mph and this drone never even wobbled.

Dave has offered to let me fly one of these and has reassured me time and again that I will not crash it. But since I have destroyed both drones that I have tried to fly, I think I'll leave the angry skies to him and his trusty DJI Mavic Pro.

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