Snakes and rats have now moved onto the property, adding to a giant heap of garbage.

He may not live in a garbage can, but a real-life Oscar The Grouch is causing a stir because his yard has become a giant trash area. According to News 7 Boston, the pile is so large, it's busting fences, and has become a public health hazard, according to town officials.

The growing area of waste is a new business venture run amok. According to News 7 Boston, the property owner started a recycling business about a year ago and began stockpiling printers. Now, it's out of control, and neighbors have had it. Neighbor Nicole Callahan said "“So our property line is the tree line here, and sometimes the stuff just creeps over our property. We kick it back over. I hate it. I’m sick of looking at it.”

A pile of boxes is one thing, but now it's brought a community of rodents, and that's where officials have stepped in. Health Officer Brian Lockwood told News 7 Boston “The judge will issue an order and injunction. That will give us the authority to go onto the property, clean it up, and then we’ll probably put a lien on the property.”



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