Maine's fairs are such a fun tradition in the state. So many wonderful people are able to  showcase agriculture, food, and entertainment. People travel from all over to work the fairs and attend them.

They typically run during the summer months and we have some pretty notable fairs like the Maine State Fair in Bangor.

During my younger days as I was attending Montello Elementary School we would visit the Common Ground Fair and being struck by the scent of cows, which has remained ingrained in my memory. Strangely enough, I find the smell somewhat soothing and continue to appreciate it to this day.

However, according to Wide Open Country, one of the best state fairs in the entire United States is located right here, in Maine. It is a fair that has been bringing community spirit to all of us since 1851. The Fryeburg Fair is notably one of my favorites as well. Scott Linscott

They came up with a list of the best state fairs in America to add to your calendar and Fryeburg is number

Coming in hot at number 16 out of 20 is the Fryeburg fair. I would be very surprised if this fair was not on a national list because lets be honest, it's dope.

According to the Fryeburg their are only 172 days left until we get to attend! Did I also mention that It's a Blue Ribbon Classic. An award winning fair!

With livestock, events, camping, exhibitions, and endless vendors you will absolutley have a remarkable time with your family!

For more information on the Fryeburg Fair and everything they have to offer, click here!

Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Fryeburg Fair

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