Have you noticed that the Memorial Bridge is only lit in blue these days?

Aaron Priest via YouTube
Aaron Priest via YouTube

The bridge used to be illuminated in many different colors. In fact before the bridge opened in 2012, a subcommittee was formed to help raise money for the cool light system.

But according to an article at seacoastonline.com, the only lights you'll see lighting the bridge will be blue.

Peter Rice, director of the Portsmouth Department of Public Works, oversees the bridge lights. He said the change to displaying one color only was requested by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

"There had been an increase in fender-benders when the light display turned red," Rice said.

Rice said the LED lights on the bridge, connecting Portsmouth and Kittery over the Piscataqua River on Route 1, are controlled by a computer program that allows the town to set colors, mood, timing and shade. The increase in motor vehicle accidents occurred when the lights on the bridge would change to red and would cause motorists to instinctively step on the brake.

So because of a few inattentive drivers, the beautiful spectacle of the Memorial Bridge showing a seasonal display using a bunch of different colors.

The good news is the powers that be are trying to come up with a solution to bring the light show back.

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