Leave it to the Great State of Maine to have a creepy clown threat that is so pathetic, it even makes a confirmed Coulrophobic like myself howl with laughter at this WMTW report.

The specificity of the Facebook post of 'Jingles Deklown' all but ensured that nothing was going to happen in the back parking lot of Lake Region High in Naples last Thursday afternoon.

You'd have to be a REAL clown to actually show up there at 12:45 PM all decked out like Bozo and wielding a machete.

I wholeheartedly agree with Lake Region student Tyler Hewson (at 0:29) who says "I think that this is all just pathetic and that everyone needs to grow up."

Ironically, the person allegedly behind this threat was a 12 year old boy.

This kind of creepy clown non-story could ONLY be considered a news story IN MAINE.