You didn't have to tell us here in New Hampshire that we work hard.  We do it all day every day and don't have time to stop and research it.  Lucky for us, we have Wallet Hub to track that sort of thing for us.  New Hampshire was recognized by the online researcher, coming in at Number 6 - the only New England State on the Top 10.

According to the article, American's work about 1780 hours per year.  Even when we have the chance to take a vacation, sometimes, we decline to do that for fear that we are not as passionate about working as the next guy (or girl.)

52% of Americans didn’t use all of their available vacation days in 2017. However, while it may seem as if workers are happily pursuing the American Dream, many individuals’ reasons for working hard may not be so pleasant. Some fear that if they take time off they will look less dedicated to the job than other employees, risking a layoff.

My two cents:  If you HAVE to work, and who doesn't, wouldn't it make sense to get a job where if you took a vacation, you wouldn't be afraid that someone else would take your job?  Or, that your position would be eliminated?  Geesh - find a better job if that's the case.  There's a whole big, bad world out there.  Go get happy!


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