This is NOT the biggest dalmatian in the entire world. It's Otis! And I'll tell you all about him right here.

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A six and a half year old Great Dane and St. Bernard mix, Otis is much larger than he appears in any photo.

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In this photo he appears transfixed upon one of his favorite treats, turkey liver. But one of the amazing things about this dog is his calm, almost zen-like demeanor.

He is always well-behaved, so the treats just go with the territory.

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At one point a black lab puppy broke free from it's leash and was running wild. Once it entered Otis' vicinity, it magically sat and became docile due to the supernatural and hypnotic power of his thoughtful gaze.

The photo above is a remarkable re-creation of that event, Otis was happy to reenact it for me upon command. A true pro.

I would have normally written this entire blog about the successful 24th edition of Cocheco Valley Humane Society's 'Tails 2 Trails' Event. But, alas, I was as transfixed by Otis as he was by turkey liver.

Otis can be found at Take Five Dog Care in Lee, NH and is NOT available for personal appearances. If you have turkey liver though I imagine he may negotiate.