My favorite casino has just updated me through e-mail that they have changed their hours of operation in compliance with Governor Mills' Executive Order for Maine.

These are the new hours:

  • Casino Hours 6AM - 8:45PM
  • Table Games 10AM-8:45PM
  • Food & Beverage Service Will End at 8:30PM

These hours are effective at Oxford Casino as of November 20, 2020.

The Executive Order issued by The Governor earlier this month thoroughly outlines new restrictions on indoor gatherings and Oxford Casino's new hours of operation are in response to the following.

WHEREAS, Maine is currently experiencing a significant increase in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and positivity rates, while data and case investigations are providing evidence of widespread community transmission; and WHEREAS, I instituted indoor gathering limits in Executive Order 14 FY 19/20 and face covering requirements in Executive Order 49 FY 19/20, and have amended those Orders in response to changing circumstances, new information, emerging threats, and a desire to simply and clarify the application of the terms of those Orders; and WHEREAS, the Maine Center for Disease Control (Maine CDC) now advises that additional amendments to indoor gathering limits and face covering requirements are necessary and appropriate in light of the upward trajectory in the State's cases, hospitalizations, and positivity rates.

- Office Of The Governor Of The State Of Maine; Janet T. Mills

The last time I visited Oxford, they had a very thorough process to enter the building. I showed my valid ID, then a temperature check was administered as I walked just inside the threshold. The Casino consists of four sections in which the gaming machines and tables are at a safe distance.

You can check out the Shark van on one of my stops here:

Train Images
Train Images

Hopefully, Northern New England will remain one of the safest regions in the entire country. I'm proud of how the citizens of NH, Maine and Vermont have become the gold standard on how to fight the spread of this hideous disease.

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