Just how 'Mega Big' did this number get? I'm here to do a little 'braggin' about my dragon.

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Dragon's Realm that is!

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I was down to my last 8 bucks and then...

6 Dragon Egg symbols appeared on the first two reels which signifies 10 Free Spins at 2 times your bet.

The best hit within that sequence was a screen that was almost entirely red dragons and wild symbols. (Dragon Eyes are wild)

Reason number #3600 that I love Oxford Casino is that they have a big variety of machines on which you can hit for a small fortune even though you're only wagering a small bit.

Winning $65 on a .40 wager is a payoff of 164 to ONE(!)

I'll take those odds on anything ANY day of the week.

After this I had a bit of a rally, winning $17 on roulette and then I got into a zen like state where I won $10 on every machine I sat down at.

I played about five hours on Saturday, had an excellent buffalo chicken sandwich and called it a day!

Here's a video of a YouTuber 'Big Payback' hitting a similar bonus with a not so similar amount wagered.