Outer space moo cows, wild hippie trees and super intelligent aquarium fish ALL handed me some serious cash this weekend at Oxford Casino.

Train Images - WMS Games

The artwork above proclaims that you can win up to 50 free plays in the bonus round of this fun and funny video slot machine.

I hit for 111 free spins!

I had about $17 in credits left and then all of a sudden wild symbols were pouring from above! By the time the bonus round was over, I had won $151!

I've never had good luck on Planet Moolah before, I guess I was overdue.

Train Images

The 'Crystal Forest' game is just a couple machines to the left of 'Planet Moolah' but it is basically the same format.

This photo above is from a bonus round that ended up being an $82 haul!

Train Images

Goldfish (above) is one of my all time favorite games. On two separate occasions this weekend, I sat at this machine for over an hour, playing THIRTY FIVE CENTS a pop and won over $50 each time.

I have been on fire for TWO MONTHS now and I hope this run lasts forever!