I went OFF this morning when I found out that 'THE NFL' may hand out stiff penalties and fines to teams they deem in violation of league policy health regulations. Come to find out, my paranoid rage wasn't 100% justified.

Instagram VIA @cameron1newton
Instagram VIA @cameron1newton

Almost an entire 24 hours before the world learned of Cam Newton's positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made headlines by stating that he'd like to see 'HEAVY PENALTIES'.

Quoted in this CBS Sports article, Jones didn't mince words when discussing The Tennessee Titans outbreak on a local sports talk show.

  "There's got to be some heavy penalties for that because that involves the lives of a lot of people.


We've got to have discipline, I understand the discipline.


It's there for a reason, and forgetting is not good enough, not remembering, or, 'if this for that, it's not good enough.


- Jerry Jones; Dallas Cowboys Owner

After SpyGate, DeflateGate, SpyGate 2 and WhateverGate Part 9, it seems like The Patriots get punished every other week. After two decades of dominance, THE LEAGUE loves to take it out on the Pats with every transgression no matter how insignificant the amount of competitive advantage gained.

Is there an advantage with Cam Newton sitting out tonight's game? That should be punishment enough.

Not to mention, how about showing a little compassion? This is an illness that is highly communicable and deadly.

The league is literally sending an investigator to Gillette Stadium and I've seen this show too many times before to believe that they will get out of this without at LEAST losing a high Draft Pick.

Mark my words!

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