According to this article, the latest Patriots player to test positive for COVID-19 was Defensive Tackle Byron Cowart.

All other tests have been negative since Saturday.

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For the past 2 days, I was convinced that New England Patriots Captain Devin McCourty was the latest to test positive, and I'm so relieved to find out that I was wrong.

He is one of my all time favorite Pats both on and off the field.

The reason for my suspicion was because of Saturday's injury report that listed McCourty as questionable with the specification NOT INJURY RELATED.

Another reason that he could have very likely became infected is because he covers the same area as Stephon Gilmore in the defensive backfield, both at practice and during games.

I can't help wonder if the Pats Captain refused to participate in Saturday's walk through due to common sense.

More often than not, the incubation period for COVID-19 (the time it takes for an infected person to test positive and possibly show symptoms) is 5 or 6 days.

Since we know that Stephon Gilmore traveled and played on Monday night and Byron Cowart tested positive on Saturday, it is very likely (though not certain) that he became infected by Gilmore.

I'm willing to bet that McCourty was one of the key people that forced the league to postpone the game until Sunday.

Hopefully, no other players test positive and the 13 day delay between games will help to insure that further spread doesn't happen.

As of right now, this game which has had it's kickoff time changed a record THREE times is STILL scheduled for 1pm on Sunday October 18th.

Pats Preview is slated to begin at 10AM right here on The Shark!

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