There was a lot of chatter when NFL owner Arthur Blank's superyacht strolled into Portland harbor over the July 4th holiday. A lot of chatter because most Mainers had never laid eyes on a yacht quite that impressive. The multi-story yacht carried a price tag of roughly $180 million, and was equipped with the kind of stuff only dreams are made of. So, once in a lifetime yacht visit, right? Think again, because another massive superyacht has been spending some time off the coast of Maine.

Shared on Twitter by El_Merv, take a look at Excellence. According to Forbes, this monster piece of floating luxury belongs to billionaire car dealer Herb Chambers. Yes, the same Herb Chambers whom you can't miss on billboards across Massachusetts. He's made a fortune in the automobile business and has spent a nice chunk of it (more than $100 million) on this incredible yacht. Better yet, when he's not playing on it, Excellence can be chartered. Courtesy of, let's take a look inside, shall we?

Peeking Inside The Massive Superyacht Known As 'Excellence'


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