Georgetown Treehouse

Tucked in the woods of Georgetown, Maine lies an incredibly stunning treehouse that is available to rent on AirBnB. It's a mix of a tiny house, and one of the hottest new trends in modern living, an actual treehouse. But as you take a peek inside what this listing has to offer, you'll find that this is nothing like the treehouse you and a few friends hung out in back in the day. This is the kind of treehouse dreams are made.

Fitted with an incredible spiral staircases and a wood-fired hot tub, the treehouse itself has most of the modern amenities you'd expect from an upper-tier rental. King sized bed, room for some guests to spend the night, and multiple decks to watch the sunrise OR the sunset.

So if peace and quiet is your idea of a summer getaway, this may be perfection for you. Time to live out those treehouse dreams!

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