I guess this was a big deal back in 2002 and I missed it. Check out this photo taken in 1870-1871 from the summit of Mount Washington. Some folks believe this is the earliest photo of a UFO ever taken.

I can't tell what's going on in that picture. It looks like clouds with a black, cigar shaped object.

I guess this photo has been cropped and is at a lower resolution than the original.

According to NHmagazine.com, Amos Clough and Howard Kimball took the stereoscopic photo in the winter of 1870-71 on a meteorological expedition which included a study in frost architecture.

Ryan Mullahy, a UFO writer and researcher, studied the original photos and decided that this is not a UFO. He claims that the object is lying on or suspended in the snow on the mountain top.

Even after looking at the originals I have no idea what's going on in these photos, obviously, I'm no expert, but I think to agree with him.

Not everyone does though. What do you think? Is this the oldest photo of a UFO ever taken?

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