Vera Rivard is one very accomplished teenager. The 16-year-old girl from Springfield, New Hampshire has done something amazing that supposedly less 2500 have been successful at doing. Vera swam across the English Channel earlier this month, according to WGME. The news station says it was a 21 mile swim from Dover, U.K. to Calais, France. The brave teen started her journey at approximately 9:30 a.m. and arrived at her destination at around midnight on Tuesday.

Vera's mother, Darcie DeBlois-Rivard, told us that she is possibly the second American swimmer from the Channel Swimming Association to successfully make her way the English Channel this year. WGME reported that Vera could not "leave the water or touch anyone or anything that floats," according to the rules of the CSA. She completed the swim in about 14 hours.

Pictures Of New Hampshire Teen Swimmer's Amazing Journey Across English Channel

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