Too bad the dreary weather has postponed today's 'Patriots Day' game at Fenway Park. This video compilation of NESN's coverage of one the most hilarious fan food fights has me in tears once again.

Back in the Spring of 2007, I can clearly remember watching this saga unfold while IN The Shark Tank.

I swear I remember seeing that pizza graze that dude's shoulder and thought, wait a second, somebody deliberately THREW that at that guy. The timing of the toss was delayed enough so that it had to have been premeditated.

The work of the video producers piecing this mystery together and the play by play analysis of both Don Orsillo and Jerry 'The Remdawg' Remy is so perfect that I can't watch this without crying.

Another reason I love this is because The Sox went on (not only to win this game) but also steamrolled through another October that year to win the World Series.

That makes this pizza incident an alltime Win/Win/WIN!

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