The Rochester Library is implementing a new policy and it might cost you a buck or two.

According to an AP article in US News and World Report, The Rochester Library has hired a collection agency for accounts that exceed $75.00 or more.

My sister Holly is a librarian and has been one her whole life.  She doesn't mind at all when people don't return their books on time because I guess they have an "income budget" that they have to hit.  That seems crazy to me!  An Income Budget for a library?  Like my sister, wouldn't librarians everywhere just want you to keep the books as long as possible if that's the case, right?

I don't know what the City of Rochester does, but it could be that they have to turn the money over to the City to do whatever they choose.

Can you imagine getting that bill in the mail?  MAN, I am just thinking about a book that I didn't return in my hometown library in Nashua.  The fine would be a heck of a lot more than $75.00 since I haven't been in High School for at least a couple years.  What if you can't find the book in question?  Are there limits?  So many questions, it might be worth a trip to the Rochester Library!


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