According to a story from WMUR, Manchester Aldermen have approved a plan to renovate the Rex Theatre in the Queen City.

The building will be home to live music and theatre, according to the report, with an additional expected 50,000 people coming to the city for the events.

It sounds like an incredible opportunity for Manchester and I'm hopeful that the new owners of the building will have great success.  Why do you feel like there's a 'but' coming?  Because there is.

BUT, where are all these 50,000 people going to eat and park?  As it is now, it's very crowded in downtown Manchester and the restaurants are PACKED, especially on the weekends.  Maybe this means that there needs to be MORE restaurants to handle all the people?  That's an idea!  If you think about Boston or any major city, that's how it is.  It's crowded.  People fight for parking and a table for 2 all the time.

With all this growth in Manch-Vegas, I'm hopeful that the restaurants on Elm Street will all stay in business, but that's a blog for another day.




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