The traffic jams. The sheer variety of  licence plates. The accents. For July and August, New England is a complete melting pot you would expect with any world destination.

Postcard from #maine 📬

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Many of us play host to those 'from away.' Sure, it can be humorous to listen to them navigate the name of simple for letter towns like Saco (say-koah), or take a complete pronunciation pass when crossing the Piscataqua bridge. However, the novelty of getting a lobster roll is eye opening. Seriously, I've lived here a decent part of my life, and I can't remember the last time I ordered a lobster roll without a tourist in the party. Also, exploring can give you an opportunity to view your backyard in a fresh light. While playing tour guide, I pointed out things I drive by at least a few times a week. Only this time, we stopped to take photos.

Yeah, you DO live in a world destination for 6-7 weeks out of the year. Before you lay on the horn, or pull your next eye roll, remember what YOU'RE like when touring a new area. We get in our day to day, so adopting an attitude of 'on vacation' may surprise you.



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