The body was found near a "Pokestop" that players gather around in the augmented reality mobile game.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

The mobile phenomenon of Pokemon GO has spread across the country, but it brought horror to one player who came across a dead body in a public park.

Nashua Patch reports that a man searching for virtual Pokemon came across a deceased man floating in Salmon Brook at Rotary Park in downtown Nashua near a virtual "Pokestop." The body was discovered behind the Holocaust Memorial Thursday around 2 p.m.

An autopsy on the unidentified man is scheduled for Friday.

Pokemon GO has quickly become a major hit with players searching for virtual Pokemon in a real-world scavenger hunt. The craze has lead to accidents and even robbery as thousands of players wander the streets looking for the imaginary monsters.

A dead body was also found by a teenager in Wyoming who was also using the Pokemon GO app.

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