Ahead of one of the biggest hard water fishing tournaments of the year, officials warn participants to be careful.

The Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby is set for Saturday, and expected to draw people from all over. Currently, 600 people have committed to it on Facebook, with another 1,0000 'interested.'

After a few quick storms later this week, Saturday and Sunday are expected to be prime ice fishing weather, full of sunshine and near 30 degree temps, according to WMUR News 9. There's one nagging issue: It's been above 50 degrees far too often this winter. 

Meredith Fire Chief Ken Jones said he's worried about the upcoming Great Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby.

He told WMUR News 9 conditions for last weekend's pond hockey tournament were 'OK.' However, "I can't tell you that the ice conditions are safe throughout. I'd certainly warn any individual that is going to make entry out to the ice, no matter which pond or lake it is, that they certainly test it as they move forward.”

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials report there be at least 6 inches of solid ice before people can safely walk on it. They should add an additional 2"-4"  if using an ATV or a snow machine.

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