Don't get me wrong, the accessibility of their sandwiches was never hindered or in doubt over the past 15 months, but, it'll certainly be nice to get back inside their doors.

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Moe's Italian Sandwiches; Walk In Ordering Returns Next Week*

There's an asterisk because the verbiage I heard today included both "probably" and "most likely".

It has been quite an interesting journey for yours truly over the past year plus, as Shark listeners may already be aware, I eat have eaten at least one of their sandwiches on a weekly basis since 2002.

As the pandemic took it's grip over the entire world, the 262 Central Ave location experimented with a curbside pick up service. You'd call your order over the phone and then pull up in front of the store and the sandwich was placed in your passenger seat contact free.

Shortly thereafter, a six foot table was placed in front of their door and all the prepaid orders were placed on that table at a predetermined time.

Now, the orders remain inside in their cooler and when someone comes to pick it up, they stand outside the window and the sandwich is given to them directly, eliminating any chance of theft, mistaken order identity, or perhaps, a solar cooked sandwich if the picker upper shows up much later than they said.

I'm only assuming that might happen as I'd never show up late for a Moe's.

I've been very satisfied with all their different methods of pandemic sandwich distribution, no complaints here.

But I have to be honest.

Shooting the breeze with Mike, Bruce or Matt while they craft your sandwich and you get to watch that magic happen live? There's nothing better!

As everything 'returns to normal', it occurred to me today that this is one of things I've missed most of all.

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