It's been two days and I can't stop thinking about something I read on r/portlandme on Reddit.

The internet so often is a place for complaining about life's problems, big and small. It can oftentimes be a very negative space, but sometimes, a story shines through. A story of kindness, selflessness, and a genuine human interaction.

Reddit user carpegin had to order an Uber at 3 o'clock in the morning. Not for a ride home from the Old Port. This was for a reason all pet owners fear, their pet needing to go to the emergency vet.

It was apparent that carpegin and their husband's guinea pig was not well so they got an Uber to go to the vet to see if anything could be done. The unnamed driver stopped their passengers before they left the vehicle and made a request.

Guinea pig
Getty Images

The driver asked if they could pray over the ailing guinea pig.

The owners, while not religious gave permission. They noted that at that moment their head wasn't completely present to properly thank the driver but it meant so much at the moment and that the driver's sweet gesture was a bright spot in a dark night.

They end with saying this,

"You were part of the reason I know our little man passed away feeling loved and cared for. So thank you. Thank so so much."

This goes to show that regardless of culture, beliefs, or any other varying factor in what makes up humanity, a kind gesture is easily translated.

I don't know who the owners are, or the Uber driver, but I'm so grateful for the story. It's a wonderful reminder of the good that can come out of darkness.

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