I love to sing.  I am not alone either.  There are tons of people who I have spoken to who say to me, "Oh, I used to sing," or "I sang in college," or some variation thereof.

What I think is a little sad is that we sometimes give up on it after college or when we "grow up."

That's why I was so happy to find out that every Tuesday night, The Clipper Tavern in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, offers acoustic karaoke.

Acoustic Karaoke is a Little Different

Chances are, if you've been to a karaoke bar, you have seen a set up much like a DJ.  When it comes to your turn to sing, the host will hand you a microphone and you sing by a track that blares out of the speakers, and all your friends cheer you on and buy the next round for your courage.

Acoustic Karaoke is when you have an actual musician to accompany you.

This is the cooler way to sing karaoke, in my opinion.

The musician doesn't know all the songs, so don't ask.

There is one "drawback" to acoustic karaoke.

Although is it way cooler than regular karaoke, the musician doesn't usually have a thousand songs in his/her repertoire for you to choose from.

Joenny, who is the wildly-talented guitarist at the Clipper, has a list of songs for you to choose from.

She will also transpose keys for you, which means if you can't hit all those high notes in the original tune, she'll make the song lower and vice versa.

Sing your heart out.

Singing is cathartic in so many ways.

If you don't have the courage to do it, let me just say that those of us who actually DO get up on stage will always be there to support you.  Who cares if you're not the next Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace – there was no other like her).

Just sing, and we'll be there to buy the next round.

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