How much do we love the Friendly Toast?  

The Toast, as some hipsters call the place, has been a fixture in downtown Portsmouth for quite some time.  Its quirky atmosphere brought in all kinds of people to check out their decor, (think Leg Lamp from "A Christmas Story.") but mainly, to check out their menu and to eat their delicious food.

When the Toast first started out, it was known for its breakfast and 24-hour schedule.  Yes, it was the place to go after a night of a few cocktails in downtown Portsmouth if you needed to put food in your stomach.  The food brought you in, but the staff kept you coming back.

According to, the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth and Bedford is now offering fully vaccinated customers a free mimosa or appetizer.  You have to show your vaccine card, however.  The app that they are offering is called "Donuts Ridin' Shotty" churros.  Oooooooo.....  The Mimosa is the traditional kind.  Also, you have to eat in their restaurant.  No take-out.

Over the years, the Toast has upped their game in all areas, but especially with the booze.  There was a time that they only served beer and wine.  Now, their menu boasts a whole array of cocktails.  Check these out from their website:

  • Dreamsicle:  Vanilla vodka, orange liqueur, crème de coconut, OJ
  • Arnold Pama:  Vodka,  Pama pomengrate liqueur, lemonade, iced tea
  • Irish Red Eye:  Four Roses bourbon, double espresso vodka, Irish cream liqueur, caramel & Nobl cold brew coffee.
  • Dirty Blonde:  House-infused jalapeño tequila, elderflower liqueur, house strawberry habanero jam, house sour mix
  • Shandy’s Painkiller:  Silver rum, Rumhaven coconut water rum, crème de coconut, pineapple, OJ
  • Espresso Yourself:  Double espresso vodka, Kahlua, Irish cream liqueur & Nobl cold brew coffee.
  • Margarita Flight:  Four Margaritas in a flight! Featuring our Cucumber Tequila Marg, the Dirty Blonde, Classic Margarita & Coconut-Cranberry.

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