Kathy Kat Krohn has added another cute critter on her deck squad and Derry, New Hampshire. You might be familiar with Snowflake the albino squirrel. She's a bit of an internet celebrity. More on her here.

Kathy took to the u Local New Hampshire page to introduce private Chip, reporting for duty. "Sir, yes sir!" People just can't get over the cuteness:


I'm sorry to bring logistics into it but how do you get a chipmunk to stay still long enough to put a little hat on him? Or is that the beauty of Photoshop? Either way it gave me a HEARTY chuckle and it's exactly the kind of content we need in our social media feeds right now. I think Kathy should make a calendar with all of her awesome critters that hang out on her deck. I'm just saying, I would buy it!

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