The Toronto Blue Jays absolutely unleashed upon The Boston Red Sox yesterday and pretty much destroyed them on Saturday too. Fret not dear Sox fans. I'm here with back to back butt kickings that the Sox once dished out that make this past horrible weekend seem tame by comparison.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
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Wednesday, June 7th, 1950 - Red Sox 20 - St. Louis 4

    Thursday, June 8th, 1950 - Red Sox 29 - St. Louis 4

There must be something about early June in Fenway Park that really wakes up the bats.

I had always heard about the 29-4 game from older Sox fans, but had no idea that the game before featured a 20 spot by the Olde Towne team as well.

My father's cousin has a great story about the 29 run rout that the Sox unloaded upon the St. Louis Browns that day.

This was during the dawn of television which meant, in the town of Gonic in 1950, there was no television.

He was listening to the game on the radio and his Mother asked him to go get their mail at the Post Office. On the way home he stopped at a friend's house and played a pick up game of basketball.

When he got home, the Red Sox were STILL at bat in the same inning!

I'm guessing that had to have been the 8 run second inning, featuring a home run from Ted Williams!

So, if any Blue Jay fan (Do people actually root for The Blue Jays?) tries to give you a hard time about Toronto outscoring the Sox 25-6 the past two days, feel free to drop a 49-8 on them.

And remember, if they lost 1-0 in both games, they mean exactly the same in the standings.

Those same standings that show Boston with a four and a half game advantage on Toronto.

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