About a month ago, Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco, Maine announced that difficulty in staffing the park properly and safely would force them to close on Monday and Tuesday throughout peak summer months. The news was met with dismay, especially after Funtown/Splashtown had been closed for the entire 2020 season. While Funtown/Splashtown may have used traditional methods in attempt to staff their park, nothing works quite as well as the Maine community coming together to get things done.

Where Did Funtown/Splashtown USA Find All Their New Employees?

Shared on Facebook by Funtown/Splashtown USA, a surge of qualified applicants has allowed the park to alter their decision to close Monday and Tuesday each week and move to a 7 days per week season. As they explain in their Facebook post, many of the applicants were long-time guests of the park that couldn't stand to see Funtown/Splashtown be closed, even if it were just two days a week. The hiring process isn't complete yet, as Funtown/Splashtown continues the search for ride operators, lifeguards and EMTs.


When Will Funtown/Splashtown USA Be Open 7 Days A Week in 2021?

Like many other seasons, Funtown/Splashtown plans to move to 7 days a week operations for July and August. Those are typically the best weather/tourism months in Maine. Funtown has been open for several weekends already, and Splashtown is set to open for the first time this coming Saturday, June 19th. Due to CDC guidelines changing, Funtown/Splashtown is no longer requiring masks or taking reservations to enter the park.

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