The Mexican food chain is offering a free BOGO burrito to customers who kiss in front of its employees on Feb. 14.


Well it looks like Qdoba is finally showing its true (kinky) colors.

First they want customers to watch their employees make our burritos right in front of them. Seductively tossing the ingredients into those steamy tortillas while we anxiously wait for them to finish. Wrapping it all up before we take it all off again and stuff those hot burritos into our mouths.

I get it Qdoba. You like being watched while you do your business.

Now they want to turn the tables and watch us get saucy with their "BOGO for a Kiss" campaign on Valentine's Day. Just give a significant other, family member, friend or understanding stranger a kiss and get a free entrée with an order.

Is that what you want Qdoba? To see hordes of people smacking lips in front of watchful crowds for a hot reward? You are a dirty, dirty little food chain aren't you?

Take a look at their inclusion of the term "understanding stranger." They literally have to tell customers to not force themselves onto a person, as if that wasn't already obvious. Must be a lot of burrito-lovers who cannot handle their primal urges if given the opportunity.

What if I make my way through a Qdoba and make out with everyone one at a time; assembly line style? Maybe I can get free burritos and tacos for a year and reach a new low in life.

That is what you want you naughty little Qdoba. You want to see the basic instincts of humanity unleashed in a carnal ritual of gluttony, greed and perversion. Shed our decency and present our inner desires for some sauce-covered deliciousness.

Mission accomplished Qdoba. I'll be ready in line this Saturday with a significant other (or "understanding" stranger.)

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