Don't you miss the days of driving around aimlessly? I get it, we all need to stay at home right now and only go out for essential stuff. But with gas at $1.45 a gallon it just isn't fair that we really can't go out and just see the sights. So, if we can't go on a road trip, we will just bring the road trip to YOU!  And today we're coming in hot with a road trip up Mt Washington. IN A RACE CAR. Let's goooooo!

Have you ever driven up Mt Washington? It's a beautiful drive--6288 feet up. If you've never done it, it's not too scary at all!  Driving up usually takes about 30 minutes. BUT, if you're in a #199Subaru WRX STI with a specially fitted 600hp engine it's a lot shorter trip. In THAT case, it takes you less than 6 minutes. 5:44:72 to be exact. That's the record and it was set by Travis Pastrana in 2017. Ready to go? Strap in's Virtual Road Trip Time.



For those of us who don't have a racecar-this is what the trip usually looks like. Going up takes about 30 minutes. Going down takes between 30 and 45 minutes.



See you soon White Mountains!



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