Sad news out of Chicago, Harold Ramis, one of the greats in comedic films over the past 35 years, died early this morning of a rare autoimmune disease. He was 69.

He was probably best known as Dr. Egon Spengler from the Ghostbusters movies but that is just a minor piece from an unbelievable body of great work. He wrote "Animal House" and wrote and starred in Stripes. He starred as the Doctor in "As Good As It Gets" and was Seth Rogen's Dad in "Knocked Up"... He's the uncredited writer of National Lampoon's Vacation in which he provided the voice of "Marty Moose"!  AND HE WROTE CADDYSHACK.

This list is all over the place because I'm just writing it off the top of my head but it goes to show how much his films have meant to me. It is a sad, sad day.