I love this story for so many reasons! One of the best parts about doing something nice for strangers is it inspires others to do the same. This causes an amazing ripple effect of kindness and that is exactly what the universe needs right now!
Chelle Lynn was out to dinner with her fiance at Dante's Pasta in Barrington, New Hampshire. They were out celebrating their anniversary and living their best lives. Chelle noticed a woman who was sitting across from them and eating by herself. The woman enjoyed her meal, paid, and left the restaurant and Chelle didn't think anything of it.
After the woman left, their waitress came over and asked if they saved room for dessert. Chelle replied something along the lines of "DUH!" because they were out celebrating and there is always room for dessert. The waitress told them that the woman who had been sitting across from them paid for their whole dinner up until that point.  Chelle said they enjoyed two plates of mussels, each had three drinks, so this bill was well over $100. This act of kindness hit Chelle square in the feels and she immediately started to cry.
It never ceases to amaze me how genuinely good some people are. Chelle pointed out in her post that with times being so difficult for everyone right now, this selfless gesture means even more. Chelle's bill only ended up being $50.14 so she and her fiance made sure to leave their waitress a whopper of tip to pay it forward. They were so inspired they wanted to do MORE good and also donated to Toys For Tots.
This tale makes me feel so proud to live in this community. It is so incredible to see that the holiday spirit is alive and well.

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