You ever have one of those days?

I was having one a few weeks back, until I met a man named Randy Pierce. He’s the President and CEO of Future in Sight (formerly the New Hampshire Association for the Blind), which aims to make life easier for those living with impaired or lost vision.

In fact, the organization has been serving Granite Staters for 112 years.

It’s a cause that’s very personal to Mr. Pierce, as he lost his own sight when he was just 22. Speaking to me on one of those days – which was immediately put into perspective – Pierce said:

“I felt hopeless and helpless – lots of people do. With the services we provide, we transform lives. So much so that 33 years later, they’ve asked me to come back and be the leader of the organization. Not because I’m blind; but because I developed the skills to live and thrive my best life.”

Pierce is typically accompanied in his endeavors by his service dog, Swirl (make sure you don’t say “Squirrel” by accident, trust me). Service animal training and guidance is one of many services the organization provides. Says Pierce: “We try to help (people) get the training, the tools, some of the resources they need to live and thrive their best lives.”

President Pierce is currently gearing up for the Walk for Sight in Concord, which he calls "our signature event, our biggest fundraiser, but it’s also an awareness event.”

For more information, visit the official Walk for Sight website. To LISTEN to Randy’s full interview where he also discusses his two karate black belts and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (!), CLICK HERE.

And to turn your “one of those days” around in a hurry, order Pierce's book, and watch one of his weekly inspirational videos.

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